Eric Decker Net Worth

Celebrity Jan 11, 2021

Net worth of Erik Decker is approximately 10 Million Dollars.

Who is Eric Decker?

High Five to the Football Lovers, because this article is all about our favorite Eric Decker, the player who participated in National Football League, Tennessee Titans and New York Jets.


Eric Decker started his school studies at Rocori High School situated in Cold Spring, Minnesota. He was present in his school when the Rocori High School was devastated by the shooting incident, back in 2003. He saved himself by hiding in the cupboard along with other students and then got rescued by the police officials.

He was an athletic person from the start and had an interest in Baseball and Basketball too.  Every sport, he participated in, brought him so many awards and success in all-conference, and even in all-section honors. Along with that, he was selected for the MVP football team for two years constantly.

Eric Decker

He started his career at the University of Minnesota. And during his complete training period, he had received 28 touchdowns and 2156 yards.

He played his first game against Kent State and had a single reception for a touchdown of 39 yards from quarterback Bryan Cupito.  After that, he passed the 22-yard touchdown on 23rd September. Even being a freshman, he achieved 378 yards and a total of three touchdowns.

He was also selected for the 2008 Major League in the 39th round by none other than Milwaukee Brewers. And then he was selected for the 27th round by Minnesota Twins, in the year 2009 for Major League Baseball Draft.

In the year 2009, Eric Decker met his next coach, Thomas Goudy in St. Louis, Missouri. The coach trained him, especially in his ball-holding techniques. Decker practiced and spent 3 weeks in that training camp before summer started. Then, he practiced the game a lot and achieved the sixth position in the nation, regarding higher yards and touchdowns.

After this victory he had played against Syracuse, and won 183 yards, then with Air Force and won 113 yards, and against California, in which he won 119 yards with two touchdowns. After that, he played for the Minnesota Baseball team. And with that, his senior season passed drastically, as he had to undergo surgery for his torn ligaments in the left foot. This stopped him from participating in both Minnesota’s pro day workout and NFL.

During his career, he has won so many awards for his hard work. He has been awarded the title of First-team All-Big Ten, AFC Receiving, AFC Offensive Player Touchdowns Leader, of the Week. Not only this, but he had also achieved the position of the Highest Wonderlic Score the event of Combine 2010. As he is only 33 years old, his fans are looking more to his list of successful records.

After that, he started following his passion and played in the third round of NFL Drawing in the year 2010. He then turned his professional football passion into a career with the most famous Denver Broncos. Sadly, due to an injury in his foot, he couldn’t participate, in the first NFL season.

Eric Decker Footballer Net Worth

But he never laid down and in the second year, he managed to sign an agreement with Denver Broncos for 4 years. In addition to that, the season ended with the record of six catches that surprisingly went down to one touchdown and 106 yards.

Then in the next year, i.e. in 2011, during the beginning of the season, Eric recorded the first winning for Denver with 5 passes for 2 touchdowns and 113 yards. Sadly, he got injured for the second time while he was playing, in the first round against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Footballer was excellent in his next season in 2012  as he recorded 85 catches for 13 touchdowns and 1,064 yards. His achievements did not stop there. He played with Kansas City Chiefs and won with 8 catches, 4 touchdowns and 174 yards.

Then, Eric played with New York Jets with the complete transaction deal of $36.25 million on 12 March 2014. He played one of his best matches against the Miami Dolphins with 221 yards, 10 receptions, and a touchdown.

He then collected a total of 80 passes for 12 touchdowns and 1,027 yards, in the season of 2015. Then in the year 2016, he got injured badly in one of the NFL matches and this proved as the worst season. He made Josh Shaw, pay a fine for his act of late hit, and reportedly this whole season was the worst in his career. After that Eric transferred himself to Tennessee Titans on June 18, 2017, for a 1-year contract. And this contract was worth $.85 million. In the opening of the season, Decker achieved 10 yards against the Titans Debut, in which they lost by a score of 26-16.

Following this, Eric Decker moved back with Josh Mc Daniels, the former coach and Patriots offensive coordinator of Denver Broncos. He then announced his retirement in the year 2018, on August 26 from NFL.